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We are in the process of finalizing our new project "The Car Warehouse" Quality cars at affordable prices!!

We specialize in Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen and BMW vehicles. Our technicians are master Audi and Porsche certified with extensive experience in Early and Late model cars.

We are equipped to perform 99% of dealer repairs including immobilizer, radio code retrieval and key programming work.

We have just completed our full remodel which includes 6 technician bays with new electric hoists, parts department  and customer waiting room with HDTV and wireless internet access.

We have also purchased a new Volkswagen  Passat to shuttle customers to various destinations.

We carry and install the complete line of APR products. Feel free to contact us with any questions or order requests.


Engineered Performance for Your Audi Vehicle In every Audi is a soul. A soul that is the embodiment of all that Audi works to achieve by consistently innovating engineering artistry and blazing a new path of pure Audi excellence. With this in mind, APRís Engineering Team set out to develop the finest complement of pure Audi performance products the world over. Building upon the ground work laid by some of the finest engineers in the world, APRís development of Audi performance is the soul mate to the original. Passion. Integrity. Innovation. Quality. The Epitome of Excellence. Every APR performance product is developed by engineering professionals for a select clientele who demand the most enjoyable opportunities in life with no compromise. Whether your goal is to individualize and invigorate yourself with an unique vehicle for daily use or to ensure a pole to podium finish through the most powerful application possible, APR engineers unparalleled performance for your Audi.

Seven years of research and development with Audi vehicles has resulted in a performance program that cannot be matched. Our teams of electrical and mechanical engineers demand only the finest equipment and processes are used to rival any OEM in the pursuit of excellence in our products. Building on several hundred years of OEM experience and training, APRís engineering team rivals those of Stuttgart and Ingolstadt.

APRís electrical engineering team has performed ground breaking innovation ranging from computer controlled dissection of the different control modules found in every Audi to the development of proprietary interfaces and communication protocols that allow for powerful calibration and datalogging by APRís mechanical engineering team and ease of installation for APRís professional distribution network. DirectPort Programming, ECU Explorer and ECU Composer are a few of APRís crowning achievements in the pursuit of bringing a no compromise performance program to Audi enthusiasts.

APRís mechanical engineering team boasts such accolades as participation in OEM racing teams throughout the world, countless awards and certifications from professional engineering institutions and solid, real world OEM calibration and hardware design experience. Responsible for many firsts in the aftermarket industry and a continual raising of the bar, our mechanical engineers produce the finest calibrations and highest quality hardware components your Audi will ever have the satisfaction of experiencing. Processes and technologies such as stereolithography (SLA) prototyping, coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and ProEngineer CAD design software ensure our engineers have the tools necessary to realize the full potential of their skills.



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Welcome to the Ingolstadt West web site. We have specialized in the European cars since our inception in 1989.

At Ingolstadt West we not only perform repairs, maintenance, and servicing, We also Install and service Performance Upgrades for your European car. We carry the complete line of APR Products.

Dealerships are not the only place to find an European car Master Technician. Please browse our site and feel free to contact us with any questions.

We are pleased to announce the recent merge of Inglostadt West and Advanced Automotive Solutions ( not affiliated with Audi, VW, BMW or Porsche of America).

Ian Hanson (Audi Master Guild 2005), ASE Master certified technician and a Former Shop Foreman of a local Audi dealership) is the new President of both companies.

We have 6 full time ex dealer trained technicians with a vast knowledge of Audi, Porsche, BMW and VW repair procedures. Ingolstadt West has been completely remodeled making it a state of the art fully equipped repair facility capable of performing 99% of dealer repairs and 100% of performance upgrades.