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Canoga Park Auto Repair

Ingolstadt West

A year ago had a problem that VW could not fix . I came over to Ingolstadt West and after a few tests they managed to find the problem and fix my car. Since then I service my car with them. I have sent some of my friends there as well they all are very happy.

Ingolstadt West

This shop gives all the appearances of being top-notch. The owners and mechanics seem knowledgeable and honest, and they claim to be one of the top ten Audi performance shops in the nation, with customers bringing their cars from quite far away to have work done. I have had work done there three times, and been satisfied with the repairs, but have had some issues. First, after working on my engine, they did not put my front bumper back on properly--it was loose on one side and bulging out on the other. I did not notice until I got home. I wonder how a shop that specializes in Audis, and works on them every day, can fail to put a bumper on correctly. I have to make a second trip using my weekend time and gas money to have them do it right. When trying to decide whether or not to try these guys you need to consider the possibility of having to make a second trip back to have them fix something they goofed up the first time, in case you live further away than a quick drive. The second issue is communication and follow-up. I have had problems with them telling me they would call me or do something, and then not do it. For example, I made a Saturday appointment and then drove 45 minutes to their shop for the appointment only to find the shop closed. They had decided to close the shop for the holiday weekend and had apparently called some of their customers to cancel appointments, but did not call me. That was two hours wasted out of my weekend driving there and back. I recommend the shop to anyone who lives within easy driving distance who can make extra trips to the shop if necessary, and who does not mind staying on top of them to make sure things get done. For people living further away, or who want a more organized shop, you may need to look elsewhere.